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First take/REI

The Northwest is a leader in a lot of innovation, and maybe it will be again – on Black Friday, if not this coming one then maybe in the next few. REI, the outdoor recreation retailer from Kent, Washington, said that it will close its stores on the day after Thanksgiving (BF), which for years has been the top sales day of the year. It’s helped along in this by its good sales year so far in 205, and by the fact that it’s a member cooperative rather than publicly-held. Still, a lot of people will probably think approvingly of the company telling its employees to take time off, reconnect with family and friends and maybe explore a little more of the outdoors. And there was no dissent about it internally; the company’s retail vice president said, “The moment (the closure idea) was uttered, it was so in alignment with who we are.” So who are these other guys? – rs (photo)

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