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First take/Biden

Vice President Joe Biden has steadily refused to set a firm date by which he would announce his decision about whether he will run for president. He alluded early on a decision sometime in the summer, but that ship has sailed. He could keep on delaying, but if he does want to run, he’s about to hit a series of walls: Filing deadlines in some of the early states, not to mention participation in the primary debates, the first of which comes Tuesday night. Its organizers say that if Biden announces as late as Tuesday afternoon, they would give him space on the stage that evening. But this is pushing it to the edge. As an NBC report put it (in one very long sentence – deep breath please), “what is unsustainable is continued inaction, because it won’t be helping his party (if the Democratic nominee needs to raise $1 billion to compete in the general election in this Super PAC Era, Biden still hasn’t raised a cent); it won’t be helping Hillary Clinton (see the latest CBS poll, which shows her leading Bernie Sanders by 24 points without Biden, but by a smaller amount – 19 points – with him included in the contest); and despite experiencing his highest poll numbers during this limbo period, it won’t be helping Biden himself, either (if you want to compete in the early states, build an organization to win, and simply meet the upcoming filing deadlines, you’ve got to jump in ASAP).” – rs

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