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First take/gunshots

So much of the talk about how to deal with mass shootings can only leave me shaking my head, notably Ben Carson’s comment that when a shooter starts up, people in the area should just rush him. He evidently didn’t know how fast bullets can be sprayed by automatic weapons, or that even when automatic weapons aren’t used, as at Umpqua Community College, a heroic man who did rush to try to stop the shooter was downed with seven bullet wounds. I can only assume that thinking like Carson’s (which doesn’t seem to be rare socially) comes from too deeply absorbing the vast number of TV and movie gunfire scenes, in which the hero may be shot, but if so almost always emerges patched up by the last scene. A better view might be the series Breaking Bad (spoiler coming), where the way through from a gun fight was actually more realistic. One of the main characters, DEA agent Hank Schrader, was shot by bad guys about halfway through the series, and spent the rest of it slowly, agonizingly, recovering from that wound. Only to the shot to death near the series’ end. – rs

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