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First take

Probably I would have guessed Idaho state Senator Marv Hagedorn would have signed up with one of the Republican presidential candidates deemed more rigorously conservative, so his appointment as co-chair of Ohio Governor John Kasich’s campaign for Idaho comes as a little surprise. Still, Kasich worked on the federal balanced budget back in the 90s so that wins him some points (and figures large in Hagedorn’s own statement about his choice). It also underscores how few of the national Republican contenders have an Idaho champion. Aside from Kasich, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has Representative Raul Labrador as an Idaho leader, but that’s about all. Trump? Carson? Fiorina? Bush? Cruz? The rest? Nothing much yet. Is it a matter of leading Idaho Republicans not really having a favorite, or being uneasy about joining a campaign that might not go the distance? – rs (photo/Michael Vadon)

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