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First take/Perry

If you were among those wondering who would be first out among the Republican presidential crowd, you can thank Rick Perry for putting your wondering to an end. He opted out on Friday, four months or so before any real votes were cast, but a couple of months or so after he clearly was stuck on the kids table for the debates – no Carly Fiorina moment for him. Gail Collins of the New York Times reacted, “His departure is a crushing blow for those of us who have already put in the time to read “Fed Up! Our Fight to Save America From Washington,” in which Perry announced that Americans were tired of being bossed around and being told “how much salt we can put on our food, what windows we can buy for our house” and “what kind of cars we can drive.” I will not even have the opportunity to point out that Washington doesn’t actually tell us any of those things.” Now . . . who’s next? –rs (photo/Gage Skidmore)

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