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First take

A little sad to see the selling out of Dave’s Killer Bread in Milwaukie, Oregon. It’ been an independent for about 60 years, starting as Nature Bake. It has one (large) bakery in Oregon. It came by its current name after its co-founder, Dave Dahl, ran into some legal problems; but the bread long has been considered to be of high quality, and holding to high organic standards. That’s what led Flower’s Foods of Georgia to seek it out and buy it: Customers are much attuned to the kind of bread Dave’s produces. Sales price was reported at $275 million. Of the sale, Dahl said, “It is bittersweet but I’ve been working on getting my head right for the baby to grow. It’s happening. And now I’m just going to kick back, and watch it grow and enjoy my life.” He’s straight up about it. – rs

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