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First take

From today’s political roundup on Daily Kos: If you’re a fan of the Little Perennial Candidate Who Couldn’t (and we know there are lots of fans of that genre at Daily Kos Elections), here’s a heartwarming story. Goodspaceguy is one of the best-known examples, perhaps thanks to his odd adopted name as well his decades of futile bids; he runs every year for something or other in King County, Washington, and he’s finally managed to advance from the top-two primary into the general election, for the first time since Washington adopted the top-two system. (If you look at the sidebar in the linked article, you’ll see that he did participate in several general elections as an independent candidate for King County Council, but that was under Washington’s old electoral regime.) So who’s the sad sack who managed to finish third, behind Goodspaceguy, in the election two weeks ago? It’s John Naubert, who was so explicitly old-school socialist in his voter’s pamphlet description that slightly more voters actually preferred Goodspaceguy’s libertarian-meets-futurist-space-exploration-themed mumbo-jumbo. Don’t look for his luck to continue in the general, though: The incumbent, Courtney Gregoire (who’s ex-Gov. Chris Gregoire’s daughter) took 83 percent of the vote.

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