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First take

Here’s a sentence from the Associated Press article on the fire: “The fire blew across U.S. Highway 95 and moved a mile and a half in 8 minutes, said fire spokeswoman Carrie Bilbao of the U.S. Bureau of Land Management.” A mile and a half in eight minutes . . . that’s moving. And the fire, called the Soda Fire, is big, approaching 200 square miles (it’s passed 200,000 acres) out in in the desert region of southwest Idaho and (the smaller part) in southeast Oregon. Evacuations have been ordered. This is the first really big wildfire so far this year in Idaho or Oregon, but it arrives on schedule at the time of year when the big ones normally hit. Little wonder senators from Idaho and Oregon are pushing hard for more federal effort in fighting wildfires. Get ready for more. – rs

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