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Posts published in “Day: August 2, 2015”

First take

Seeking to escape the high-90s heat on the east side of the Coast Range, we took an afternoon-early evening drive to the oceanside, running around and checking out the Neskowin-Pacific City-Netarts area, places which were busy but less likely to be jammed than, say, the Newport-Lincoln City parking lot. And it worked. The temperatures were at 92 when we left the Willamette Valley and down to 67 at the coast. One data point we picked up was the spot at which temperature dropped, headed west, and where it rose again, headed east. The latter, just before sunset, tracked predictably as we headed back over the mountains. But on the road west, from Forest Grove to Tillamook, we found that the 90s stubbornly held in there over the mountains and down to the feet on the other side; only as we approached a dozen miles to Tillamook did the heat wave break and suddenly drop by about 15 degrees. So much for the mountains being the only dividing line in the area.