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First take

Has Presidential candidate Donald Trump been wiped out by his blast at John McCain – and, implicitly, any other American soldier captured in wartime? You recall what he said, that McCain wasn’t a war hero (in between other references that seemed to call him one) and saying, “I like people who weren’t captured.” So much for all POWs. Trump has been dumped on by most of the rest of the Republican presidential field, and lots of other people, some of whom have called on him to withdraw from the presidential race. (A lot of Republicans were hoping well before last weekend he’d do that.) Trump so far shows no sign of backing off, and a poll from last weekend (most of it conducted before his McCain comments hit the news) showed him not only in first place but in a 2-1 lead over each of his next closest competitors, Jeb Bush and Scott Walker. What happens next? The guess here is that Trump stays in, for a while at least. He has the money to run the campaign and there’s no formal vote for him to lose to come for months ahead. Most of interest: How much of his base of support does he keep? The guess here: Not all but most of it.

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