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First take

Would the Rachel Dolezal thing – she being the (biologically at least) caucasian woman who led the Spokane chapter of the NAACP – have happened in a part of the country where the racial mix was a little deeper? For a city of its size, Spokane is pretty white, and it’s next door to a part of the country that’s renowned for its whiteness.

It’s a strange sorta scandal matter, logically of little interest to anyone outside of Spokane, and logically not of much interest to any there much outside of the NAACO community.

Mike Kennedy of Coeur d’Alene posted on Facebook this morning about national news reports on the subject, quoting one as saying, “…as the country reeled over the news that the former NAACP leader had resigned…”. Kennedy: “Reeled? Are you serious? No one “reeled” over this for God’s sake. A self-promoting local lady (with whom many of us are acquainted) created some kind of alternate reality, appears to be quite deceptive, and was publicly called to task over it. She was in her position for a mere 5 months, and the locals in her Spokane chapter seemed quite happy to have her move on. No one “reeled”.”

It’s early summer doldrums, and the news week is relatively quiet.

Is there anything here that might prompt a reasonable discussion? Well, sure. Why not a white leader of an NAACP chapter (other other organizations like it0, if that’s who the membership wants to elect? What does race mean in many cases in this country, when we have a president who is biracial but who is widely identified, and largely self-identifies, as black – and ever-growing numbers of people are multi-racial?

Not crisis-level front-burner questions, perhaps, but legitimate ones. Maybe something to ponder in a quiet season.

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