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First take

Well, of course, as Oregon state Senator Alan Olsen said, it’s about people. Last week Olsen was in his office and his chest didn’t feel right. He thought it might be heartburn, but it persisted. Unsure whether it was something serious, he sent a request for another senator, Alan Bates – who is a primary care physician. Bates and a lobbyist who happens to be an EMT came to Olsen’s office and quickly diagnosed the ongoing heart attack, which was close to killing Olsen. They got him out to a nearby hospital, where Olsen recovered. He’s now returned to the Senate. It happens that Olsen is a Republican and Bates a Democrat, and the two are nearly at opposite ends of most matters political. But as Olsen said, this is about people. And so it is. Politics actually can be like that too. (photo/Seattle hospital, 1973)

Another announcement of a campaign? Probably you could say that Hillary Clinton’s first announcement she’s running for president, a couple of months ago, didn’t really include an announcement speech, which is ordinarily part of the announcement package. But she’s been out there campaigning for weeks now. Isn’t it a little late for an initial campaign announcement? On the other hand, calling the speech a “do-over,” as it is being described in some places doesn’t seem exactly right if it wasn’t done once in the first place . . . – rs

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