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First take

The Huckleberries (Spokesman Review) blog polled its readers over the last couple of days, prompted by Nebraska’s decision to abolish the death penalty there – the first “red” state to do tht. The question was, should Idaho do likewise? There’s a growing conservative argument, developed by a number of national conservative columnists, for doing exactly that. The polled, presumably mostly northern Idahoans, were almost exactly split on the question; the pro-abolish side got just three more votes (out of 241) than the pro-death penalty side did. Maybe there’s some shifting going on about this in Idaho.

In the Seattle and San Francisco areas yesterday – and evidently somewhat into today – Internet services from Comcast were widely knocked out, and scattered areas all around the west coast. Columnist Chris Carlson, who lives in a very rural stretch of northern Idaho but relies on Comcast, had his service knocked out. (TV cable apparently was unaffected.) At 11 last night Comcast sent out a tweet saying, “engineers have restored service; everything shld be working. We’re sorry for inconvenience. Let us know if you need help.” It’s an oddity; at least one report referred to a sliced cable as being at fault, though why that would affect such widely scattered areas, or leave TV service unaffected, seems murky. No outage here at RP. Fingers crossed.

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