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First take

Every rule has some exceptions: Just maybe, this is one of those buyout deals that provides some broad benefit. The agreement concerns Intel Corporation, which is buying the chip company Altera. This isn’t a case of cornering the market, since Altera is a relatively small player (revenues of under $2 billion last year, compared with $56 billion for Intel). Rather, it sounds as if Altera is producing certain types of programmable chips, especially several varieties that may have emerging use in the “Internet of things,” that Intel doesn’t have, but which could mesh neatly into its batch of products. This could actually be a case of that vaunted, but not often seen, synergy that yields more than the sum of the parts. (picture by Coolcaesar)

This was an interesting headline in The Daily Beast (email version, something similar online): “Rand Paul is now GOP enemy number one.” There are a lot of hawks in the Republican Party, and they aren’t happy with Paul’s key role in blocking as-is renewal of the Patriot Act. How will this play in Idaho, where Representative Raul Labrador has just joined the Paul campaign?

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