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First take

It’s beginning to look as if the NSA mass surveillance program could be going down. The Guardian in England reports that “dysfunction in Congress has gotten so bad it might end up actually doing some good: the NSA’s mass surveillance powers under the Patriot Act are now on the verge of expiring after a dramatic 1am vote in the Senate on Saturday morning.” This may be the opportunity to sift the pernicious pieces out of the act, which has useful as well as dark elements.

A headline on the front page of the Twin Falls Times News asks, “Do jumpers have a death wish?” The reference is to the people who jump into the Snake River canyon at Twin, either powered from the canyon side or the Perrine Bridge. Another story leads with the point, “After a 73-year-old BASE jumper died earlier this month while attempting a dangerous stunt from the Perrine Bridge, many are questioning why the sport is still legal.” The counter is that such people have a “life wish,” that they’re living “according to their own dreams.” Hmm. Some dream.

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