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First take

If all goes according to plan, the Idaho Legislature should be done with its special session tomorrow within a few hours – out by mid-afternoon or so, in time for nearly all of them to get home by car the same day.

Here’s what to watch for. Shortly after the chambers convene, either the House or Senate will get the bill that brings them there, the measure aimed at linking the state together with national and international efforts on collecting child support payments. Last time (in the regular session) the Senate started it and passed it, before it died in the House Judiciary Committee. The way to push this thing right through would be to send it to the committee where it died last time – House Judiciary – and get that vote out of the way quickly, thereby putting some high octane behind it and demonstrating that the measure will pass.

That is . . . if the votes are definitely there this time to pass it through House Judiciary. Last time it failed by just a single vote, so a couple of earnest promises to change this time might be enough to send it there. But if that cannot be had watch the bill take a different path . . . Because they’re not going to take a second chance on bill failure this time.

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