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A new look

Yes, this is still Ridenbaugh Press, and the stuff that’s been here is still here – including all our posts going back to 2005. We’ll be making some substantive additions in the weeks and months to come, but the change you’re seeing today is mainly cosmetic.

We’ve used the same basic design for more than five years, so it was past time for something new. As it happens, Google gave us to the push. One of the big pieces of recent news this season for people running web sites is that Google is ratcheting down in its search rankings any web site that isn’t “responsive” to a range of viewers – not just desktop or notebook computers but smart phones, tablets and so forth. The old design was not “responsive,” and making it so (while keeping it generally the same) would have been a complex and messy operation. So we decided to start fresh.

And according to Google’s own web tool, now is fully responsive. (Try it out on other sites; you may find the results interesting.)

What you see here today is what we’ve done after spending a couple of hours tweaking the core design (it should be more complete within three or four days), which is called Ignite. The simplicity of it, and its emphasis on the word and on typography, were appealing. But let us know what you think.

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