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Posts published in “Day: April 24, 2015”

My prayer

rainey BARRETT


A few days ago, a friend’s entry popped up on the old Facebook page, taking me by surprise, because it said precisely what’s been in my head for lo, these many months.

“Dear Lord. Please tell someone who isn’t crazy to run for president.”

There it was! Someone who felt exactly the same way about our national political follies and said it - said it out loud for all to see. Er, read.

Sometime ago, Barbara Bush came close to reading my mind when she opined “Certainly there are other, well-qualified people to run for president besides a Bush or a Clinton.” Yes! Aside from the obvious reference to Americans who might also have the abilities to perform the duties of commander-in-chief other than members of just two families, what appealed to me most was her use of the worlds “well-qualified.” Then, responding to obvious pressure from inside the Bush family after her quote, Barbara later did a little sidestep and voiced support for son Jeb. But - inside - I’ll bet she still feels the same.

I’ll grant my Democrat friends, Hillary Clinton seems to have better credentials with which to seek the job than any woman - and many men, too - who’ve tried in the past. Not all the ones I’d like to see - but good. And, if your rather simplistic goal is just to have a woman finally make it to the Oval Office, she’s more qualified than any others who’ve made the run in my lifetime. But another Clinton? Really?

Then there are the 20 or so occupants of the “clown bus.” Commander-in-chief? Qualified? Really? REALLY?

Just take this one example. Just this one. For the last several months, the Obama-Kerry-et al team has been negotiating with Iran - the major player in the Middle East - to keep that country from getting into the nuclear bomb business. Negotiating. Tough dealing. Lots of sweat. Lots and lots of nerves. Talk or fight. Trying to avoid what so many ignorant political hacks seem to want: an “end-of-the-world” holocaust because of some phony political ego or testosterone-filled sword-waving. Or should we talk? Keep talking. Work through the seemingly insurmountable problems. Negotiating. Give-and-take. Compromise.

Is there anyone on the clown bus - ANY ONE - who’s been saying negotiating is the right thing to do - offered support for peaceful efforts - offered backing for the team that’s already achieved a “handshake” deal that seemed impossible and is working on the nits of final editing? Any one?

No. Not one. What we’ve heard from them is a cacophony of complaints, criticisms, finger-pointing and B.S.. None has added a voice to what poll after poll after poll of the nation’s citizenry have shown we want. We overwhelmingly want peace. We don’t want more unwinnable foreign wars. We want the troops home. We want the killing to stop. We want to tend to our own business for a change. We want to use our formidable resources to solve some of our many societal and infrastructure problems.

From the clown bus, we either get silence or we get shrill cries to “Bomb. Bomb. Bomb. Bomb, bomb Iran.” We get cheap shots about “America backing down” and “Obama hasn’t got the guts for war” and “We’ve lost our will to fight.” We get non-issue blather like needing new federal anti-abortion laws, support for states making it tougher for Americans to vote, promises to cut taxes for the rich, cut Social Security and Medicare, bowing and scraping before the altars of billionaires and on and on and on. B.S. (more…)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

Ada County Sheriff Raney will depart in June (Boise Statesman)
Batt and Andrus tour INL cleanup sites (IF Post Register)
New report looks at spending around national parks (IF Post Register)
Airstream planning Caldwell dealership (Nampa Press Tribune)
Melba looks at building new school (Nampa Press Tribune)
Greek yogurt heading to school menus (TF Times News)
Rim shopping center draws new stores (TF Times News)

About a fourth of students reejct state test (Eugene Register Guard)
Levi Strauss cuts 150 Eugene jobs (Eugene Register Guard)
Tribes issue water call, others shut off (KF Herald & News)
Gold miner backers protest at BLM office (Medford Tribune)
Bear spotted in Lithia park (Medford Tribune)
Former US attorney on prescription drug abuse (Pendleton E Oregonian)
HR head at Umatilla County under review (Pendleton E Oregonian)
Gun background check bill moves ahead (Pendleton E Oregonian)
How did solar tax credits pencil out? (Portland Oregonian)
Visitor numbers grow at OR national parks (Salem Statesman Journal)

Post Office lockdown to keep out homeless (Bremerton Sun)
Snohomish Council dislikes 21% pay raise (Everett Herald)
Light rail line approved to Lynwood (Everett Herald)
legislature adjourns, until Wednesday (Vancouver Columbian, Yakima Herald Republic, Kennewick Herald, Olympian)
Amazon cloud services prove highly profitable (Seattle Times)
UW presses ahead on animal lab (Seattle Times)
Ranier Connect seeks to buy Click fiber system (Tacoma News Tribune)
Campaign funding bill halts in state Senste (Tacoma News Tribune)
Vancouver buys site for new fire station (Vancouver Columbian)
Bill signed on more training for farm workers (Yakima Herald Republic)