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Posts published in “Day: April 16, 2015”

Jail his butt

rainey BARRETT


Can anyone explain to me why Clive Bundy’s old, wrinkled ass isn’t sitting in some federal crossbar hotel? A year after the BLM and other agencies we taxpayers expected better of backed off and let the old bastard off the hook for a million dollars, he’s throwing parties to celebrate his “victory.”

The tab Bundy owes the feds for more than 20 years of unpaid grazing on our land has now risen above a million and it appears he’s gonna keep right on doing what he’s been doing. Stealing. Trespassing. Lying. Blowing smoke. Rabble rousing. Playing right wing “folk hero.” Ignoring a legally-binding contract he signed with the government more than 20 years ago. And not payed a dime on since.

Last weekend, more than a thousand people showed up at his place with RV’s, tents, sleeping bags and “Don’t Tread On Me” flags. And, oh yes, lots and lots of guns. Bundy had put out a “social media” invitation to come eat some of his fine beef (which you and I paid for), listen to more lies and hate speech (on land you and I own), fire off a few rounds at government shooting targets, badmouth all things federal and hear his loud claims that he’s “beaten all unconstitutional” authority with his thieving, illegal acts.

How come? Why is this rural Nevada welfare cheat still able to strut around on land you and I own while flicking his middle finger(s) at us and the whole world?

The original Bundy-BLM contract of over 20 years ago was legitimate and binding. Moreover, it was tested some years back in federal court and upheld. The BLM has absolute authority to enforce it and can call in any other agencies necessary to help solve the issue. But it hasn’t made a move.

Ah, but don’t lose hope. Bureau spokeswoman Ceclia Boddington sent out a press release last weekend - a press release - saying the agency “remains resolute” in its goal to resolve the “dispute administratively and judicially.” She came in on Sunday to write it.


If you or I owed the IRS a million for six months, we’d have agents at the door, bank accounts tied up and a date with zealous penal authorities to be fitted for a jumpsuit. This old bastard owes $1.1 million and he’s serving steak burgers and cold beer to a bunch of armed nuts while flipping off the rest of the world.

When law enforcement backed off last year, it was a black eye for justice but it was understandable, given the amount of ammunition and the number of boozed up, itchy trigger fingers poised to do God-knows-what. Hard to swallow - but it was right.

So - we’re a year down the trail and nothing’s changed. Certainly, during that time - 365 days - a few well-armed and determined government reps could’ve called on the old boy, served the right documents and hustled his butt off to jail. Proper agencies could have cut his electricity, turned off any outside water supplies, stopped his mail, cut off his Internet access, blocked his roads and collected his cattle. They didn’t. Why? (more…)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

Looking into state juvenile corrections lawsuits (Boise Statesman)
Issues arise over radiation incident last fall (IF Post Register)
Small tuition increase okayed by state board (Lewiston Tribune, Pocatello Journal, Moscow News)
Reviewing the legislative session (Lewiston Tribune)
UI gets $10m for more research efforts (Moscow News)
NNU faculty give no-confidence vote against president (Nampa Press Tribune)
Nampa schools start earlier in August this year (Nampa Press Tribune)
LaBeau reinstated as IACI president (Nampa Press Tribune)
New superintendent picked for Castleford schools (TF Times News)

Gun bill prompts recall try against Hoyle (Eugene Register Guard)
Springfield may enact moratorium on Common Core (Eugene Register Guard)
Westfir limits resident use of water (Eugene Register Guard)
Josephine miner asks for calm (Eugene Register Guard)
Umatilla Co continued pot dispensary ban (Pendleton E Oregonian)
Rules for pot still under some development (Pendleton E Oregonian)
Rape victim time limit bill passes House (Portland Orgonian)
About bill to raise interstate speeds to 70 (Salem Statesman Journal)

Whatcom pay proposed .2 cent sales tax (Bellingham Herald)
Legislature still struggles with McCleary schools (Spokane Spokesman, Yakima Herald Republic, Bellingham Herald, Bremerton Sun, Olympian, Longview News)
Everett panhandling rule targeted by ACLU (Everett Herald)
Bonney Lake mayor has issues with road work (Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune)
Washington unemployment rate drops under 6 percent (Seattle Times)
Profiling new head of Seattle police union (Seattle Times)
Area protesters want $15 minimum wage (Spokane Spokesman, Yakima Herald Republic)
Longview considered for new oil refinery (Vancouver Columbian)
Congressional delegation seeks Columbian treaty (Vancouver Columbian)
Yakima appeals redistricting court decision (Yakima Herald Republic)