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Posts published in “Day: March 26, 2015”

Good-bye, Dad



My father, Richard Milton Bond, slipped the hook this morning. Had he lived another month he would have been 94 but given his failing health, I would not have wished that on him.

The whole family, even we kids, called him Dickie and he never minded. He had a raucous laugh, an even greater sense of humour and greater than that, a spirit for adventure and a disdain for bullshite.

He had a pilot's heart and a disdain for common thinking. Linus Pauling taught him freshman chemistry at Cal-Tech, whence he transferred with the V-12 program to Berkeley, where he met my late mother, Patty, while both were on the student council.

Our family started in Santa Barbara, where Dickie got his advanced flying tickets on the GI Bill, then moved to Philadelphia where he worked for Ingersoll, the company that made Mickey Mouse watches (amongst many more important things), then to Great Falls, then Spokane, where he built our house, then back to San Francisco.

He found himself unwillingly embroiled in the California politics of Edmund G. Brown (Jerry's dad) at the Calor Gas Co. and took his fledgling family to the unknown town of Nanaimo, British Columbia, where he assumed the manager's job of the Vancouver Island Gas Company at a severe cut in pay and opportunity. This, all by the time I was six years old.

Vi-Gas, as it was known, was a marvel. It took barged-in natural gas from the Vancouver mainland, re-compressed it and shot it out through the local pipelines. One of Dickie's goals had been to build a gas pipeline from the mainland to the island, but the B.C. government, socialist at the time, wasn't having any of it unless one of its cronies could come up with an alternative. Nobody did.

But watching that gas plant with its giant turbines and pumps was a great joy to a little kid – plus there was a blackberry patch outside to die for in late summers.

Dickie taught me my love of flying. He had grown up on Stearmans and had access to, at various times, a Cessna 170, Cessna 180, Piper Comanche, and later, a Lake LA-4 amphibian, and he would always let me drive. Needless to say I dashed to flight school at a certain legal age. He also taught us how to drive boats and water ski at high speeds.

He was a stern son-of-a-gun, too, Marine that he was. Discipline was no further away than his fraternity paddle – which endured an untimely death when younger-brother Marc and I found where he hid it, and took it down to the beach over an open fire.

He laughed like crazy over our stunt, but promptly cut another one, used it, and it remains hidden to this day. (more…)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

Bergdahl charged with desertion (Boise Statesman, IF Post Register, Nampa Press Tribune, TF Times News, Lewiston Tribune, Pocatello Journal, Moscow News)
Low snow having effects on Idaho (Boise Statesman)
Statewide common core tests arrive (IF Post Register)
Legislators consider new tax, spending package (Nampa Press Tribune, TF Times News, Lewiston Tribune)
UW med school exclusivity dropped by legislature (Moscow News)
Moscow-Pullman airport prepares for new runway (Moscow News)
St Lukes plans expansion at Nampa into hospital (Nampa Press Tribune)
New concealed carry bill progresses (Pocatello Journal)

Army Corps moves to limit birds (Astorian)
UO archivists fired after their data release (Portland Oregonian, Eugene Register Guard)
Oregon bill considers sex assault privacy (Eugene Register Guard)
Klamath Co ranks low in health study (KF Herald & News)
Klamath named to participate in Blue Zone project (KF Herald & News)
Fire starting in warm winter (Pendleton E Oregonian)
Bergdahl charged with desertion (Portland Oregonian)

Bellingham buys 21 acres for park (Bellingham Herald)
Cantwell hits safety on oil cars, offers bill (Tacoma News Tribune, Vancouver Columbiann, Bellingham Herald, Olympian)
Kitsap transit hits financial trouble (Bremerton Sun)
Cowlitz health stats improve (Longview News)
Bergdahl charged with desertion (Spokesman Review, Tacoma News Tribune, Olympian)
Few notes to track schedule of Auditor Kelley (Seattle Times, Tacoma News Tribune, Olympian)
Kilmer calls on Canada to help with sewage (Port Angeles News)
Port Angeles council goes to work on budget (Port Angeles News)
$15 minimum wage at Seattle may not apply to UW (Seattle Times)
UW med school exclusivity dropped by legislature (Vancouver Columbian, Yakima Herald Republic)
Clark Co grows faster than Portland area (Vancouver Columbian)
Dispute over voting attorney fees continues (Yakima Herald Republic)