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Timing is everything

frazier DAVID


Once again, Cynthia Sewell at the DAILY PAPER has shown the “power of the press.”

Idaho Horse Racing Commission director Frank Lamb resigned his position following Sewell’s disclosure of his dual role as a regulator in Idaho while simultaneously acting as a paid lobbyist advocating the slot machines in Wyoming.

Lamb’s job fell under the Department of State Police.

At issue was the practice of gambling on casino-like slot machines and calling them “instant racing or historical racing.” The GUARDIAN has declared them to be slot machines for several years and at the beginning of this year’s legislative session many lawmakers agreed.

There is a bill, presented by Idaho Indian tribes, seeking to repeal the 2013 approval of electronic gaming on horse races on the machines. Some legislators say they were “duped or hoodwinked,” into approving the machines because the machines in place are not the same as those approved in 2013.

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