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Posts published in “Day: February 1, 2015”

State of perpetual embarassment

rainey BARRETT


With the exception of Idaho, when Northwest states make the national news, it’s most often because something of national import has happened in our Northwest backyard that everyone else should know about. Something legitimately of news value or of extraordinary human interest. Again, most often, with the exception of Idaho.

When Idaho makes the national media, you can just about always bet the farm it’s because of someone - or something - outrageous, doing something counter to accepted behavior or being an embarrassment to themselves or the country-at-large. This week, it’s been too many of the Idaho public testifying ridiculously before a legislative committee that appeared to be ready to “deep six” the bill even before the hearings.

At issue are four words: “sexual orientation” and “gender identity.” The legislation would add those words to Idaho’s Human Rights Act which already prohibits discrimination for many other reasons i.e. religion, race, etc.. That’s it. Straight forward as that. No hype. No confusion. No B.S..

The problem is - and this is where the embarrassment comes in - the two days of testimony about those four words have drawn some of the craziest, off-the-wall, bigoted, ignorant, irrelevant, belligerent, nonsensical, dumbest and - in too many cases - fact-less voices ever to step before a microphone.

It isn’t that people who oppose the legislation should not be heard or given a chance to make their points to a legitimate panel of lawmakers. Far from it. Step up. Order your facts. Put your written remarks on the podium. Adjust the mike for your comfort. Speak your mind. Have at it. That’s what a hearing is for.

But that’s not what’s happened. I refuse to - and I won’t - repeat all the strange, baseless, hypocritical, phony moralizing, self-defeating, contradictory and demeaning arguments offered. No, Sir! Won’t do it.

But if you watched or listened to most of the two days of the hearing, you could sum up the pro and con arguments in two ways. Generally, those supporting adding the words to the Act talked of love, equality, sharing, respect, civil rights and fairness. Those against - and again, this is from listening to what was said - talked of hidden, powerful homosexual agendas, continuing and protecting the right to reject food, shelter or business from people not entirely like themselves. They talked of anti-gay printers being forced to print flyers for gay customers or gay bakers putting poison in cakes of anti-gay Idahoans.

Other voices opposing came from other states, claiming to represent “American family-supporting organizations” with messages of members claiming to be “God fearing” and “God loving.” But their testimony spoke of “homosexual treacheries” and “predators searching out innocent children” and other traditional boogeymen to be feared if each Idahoans is given legal protection to share in rights afforded all other Idahoans.

Now, I’m one who loves irony. And here it comes. Several legislators up on the dias were Mormon. Proud, practicing Mormons. Some of whom have previously talked of allowing discrimination approved by their Church to drive their person and legislative views. (more…)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

2014 was strong for Idaho agriculture (Boise Statesman, TF Times News)
Legislators consider Medicaid expansion (Boise Statesman)
Review of Canyon legislators (Nampa Press Tribune)
Middleton sets fire levy (Nampa Press Tribune)
Nampa schools plan auditing curriculum (Nampa Press Tribune)
Attorney says county dropping of norrth fair ok (Pocatello Journal)
Crowdfunding used to pay for public info request (Pocatello Journal)
Dairy water transfer contested at Filer (TF Times News)

Cemetery manager wants zone change (Eugene Register Guard)
Legislators prepare to start work (Medford Tribune, KF Herald & News)
Liquor control asks for authority for peace officer (KF Herald & News)
Jackson County seeks marijuana tax election (Medford Tribune)
Kitzhaber had a rugged press conference (Portland Oregonian)
Women in lead spots in state legislature (Salem Statesman Journal)

Asking for more funds for state parks (Bremerton Sun)
Cigar bars may return to Washington (Longview News)
Tacoma and Pierce still discuss jail agreement (Tacoma News Tribune)
Vancouver reconsiders its garbage problems (Vancouver Columbian)
Reviewing new statewide computer court system (Yakima Herald Republic)