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Posts published in “Day: January 5, 2015”

Who would be #2?

carlson CHRIS


Alright, political sports fans; since Lt. Governor Brad Little opened this parlor game of “What If . . .” by talking with the Spokesman Review’s Boise correspondent, Betsy Russell, a bit too candidly about how well prepared he is to step up, lets take the game a bit further.

Let’s play who would be Brad’s choice to be his number two? After all, it is possible that Governor Otter could step down mid-way through his third term to give Brad a running start. If he does, Brad can select his own number two subject only to State Senate confirmation

It’s hard to imagine any governor voluntarily quitting two years ahead of time. Has it happened? Sure, but not in Idaho. If Republicans recapture the presidency in 2016, and Butch is asked by the third Bush president to serve in his cabinet, Butch could not say no (David Leroy, the Bush family’s “man on the scene” would have to also bless).

So Brad, could, like John Evans before him, become Governor without having to step on lots of toes. And, heaven forbid, Otter could die in office, and Brad could ascend by that route.

Now the fun begins. There’d be lots of rhetoric about politics having nothing to do with it, that Brad is simply seeking the best person. Pure poppycock. Politics will have everything to do with it and you can bet Brad will have a poll to help him decide.

Allow me to help, Governor Little, and . toss out a few names that should be on your list:

#1. State Senator Shawn Keough (R-Sandpoint). The well-liked executive director of the Associated Logging Contractors of Idaho, was just elected to her tenth term. She’s overcome two vicious Tea Party challenges and is a moderate, pro-education Republican. She is co-chair of the powerful Joint Finance Appropriation committtee.

Senator Keough knows the budget and is more than qualified. And it appears she is the best chance for a woman to break the glass ceiling in Idaho bystepping up from lieutenant governor should Brad also be asked to serve in a Republican Administration.

#2. House Speaker Scott Bedke (R-Oakley). Has done a solid job as Speaker and has adroitly handled the Tea Party types. Smart, does his homework and knows how to lead. Only drawback is he and Brad are a lot alike.

#3. State Senator and Senate Majority Leader Bart Davis (R-Idaho Falls). Smart, tough, caring, a true “compassionate conservative” who could handle any challenge he faces. His and his wife’s appearing before the Idaho Parole Board to speak on behalf of parole for the man who had murdered their son because they were convinced there was true remorse will always stand out as an incredible act reflecting their deeply held faith. (more…)

In the Briefings

On Schweitzer Mountain, near Sandpoint, on January 1. It is one of the ski areas open around Idaho. (photo/Schweitzer Mountain Resort)


You may notice a few changes, mostly small but some larger, in this edition of the Briefing, the first of 2015. Some of the type fonts have changed (to a new one called “Droid,” which was specially designed to be easily read on electronic documents), and we are developing a few new small features. More will emerge in the next few weeks. The old familiars from last year will, of course, be back.

For Washington and Idaho, next week's editions will likely be legislature-heavy, as those states' lawmakers come into session. (Oregon is next month.)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

Committee chairs who work with leadership (Boise Statesman, Lewiston Tribune)
In post-Coldwater Sandpoint, entrepreneurs busy (Boise Statesman, TF Times News)
In Washington, more thinning of forests is planned (Moscow News)
Gas prices dropping fast, lowest since 2009 (Nampa Press Tribune)
Times News looks at most influential in Magic Valley (TF Times News)

New effort for Lane courthouse gathers force (Eugene Register Guard)
Mass of graffiti cases in Medford (Medford Tribune)
Reviewing pot lessons to be learned from WA and CO (Portland Oregonian)
Concerns new rules make day care took expensive (Portland Oregonian)
Marion cracks down on e-cigarettes (Salem Statesman Journal)
Wyden, residents talk trade at Salem town hall (Salem Statesman Journal)

More power lines underground in new construction (Bremerton Sun)
Rail bridge may be replaced by BNSF at Everett (Everett Herald)
Flood warning for Longview area (Longview News)
Murray moves to ranking spot on HEW panel (Longview News)
Initiative on class size battles with budget (Tacoma News Tribune, Olympian)
Reviewing legal pot a couple of years on (Port Angeles News)
Haiti economy still in trouble (Seattle Times)
Spokane police ombudsman retiring (Spokane Spokesman)
First first snow of season in inland regions (Spokane Spokesman)
State looking to thin forests as fire retardant (Vancouver Columbian)
Vancouver cracking down on tree replacement rules (Vancouver Columbian)