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A distraction of lies

rainey BARRETT


Rudy Giuliani. When a “practicing” Catholic mayor of New York City, he moved his wife out of the official mayor’s residence so he could move his girlfriend in. Rudy Giuliani. Once a Democrat who couldn’t get elected to anything; now a Republican. Rudy Giuliani. Who, since his term of office expired in 2002, has consistently been rejected in runs for various offices and political appointments by his own “adopted” political party. Rudy Giuliani. A man with nothing of essence to say who won’t shut up!

His most recent worthless “contribution” to public discourse is as outrageous and irresponsible as it is flat wrong. His attempt to blame President Obama and hundreds of thousands of peaceful demonstrators in our nation’s streets for promoting distrust and hatred of our civic police forces is contemptible. His pouring of verbal gasoline on deep societal divisions demanding long denied justice for millions of Americans belies his years as an effective federal prosecutor and further amplify that he’s a crank busybody with nothing to say worth public attention,

This ignorant empty suit is not alone in his effrontery to Americans legitimately in the streets to express their anger and frustration. New York Rep. Peter King demanded apologies from the President on down for fomenting police hatred and mistrust. Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Coulter and other usual suspects from the hate crowd piled on with equally as insulting and contemptuous vitriol.

A deranged, lifelong lawbreaker assassinated his girlfriend and two NYC officers before killing himself. Case open. Case closed. No responsible office holder and no justice-seeking crowd in the street in any American city contributed, sponsored or urged the killings. That the killer tried to justify his actions before they occurred by using social media to trumpet the names of Michael Brown and other blacks recently killed by police only confirms his estrangement from reality and the rest of us.

Giuliani, King and the shooter aside, this country has a long-simmering racial divide deeper and further across than the Grand Canyon. The only fact worse than its existence is the refusal of all of us to take it seriously enough to honestly examine and end it. All of us. If any good can come of the spate of recent killings of unarmed black men and children it would be to keep the subject of racial discrimination on the front burner and to deal with it in all of its many ugly facets until we get it behind us.

That won’t happen. Much as it’s needed to make this nation whole, that won’t happen. Giuliani, King, a New York City mad man and millions of unnamed Americans who believe such despicable trash won’t let it. At every turn, where progress can be realized, they’ll pop up and pop off for national media consumption. They’ll continue the outrageousness and lies that attract national recording and repetition – a minority refusing to affirm legitimate efforts by a majority who will work for justice. A justice we promise “for all” in our national Pledge of Allegiance.

Not since anti-war marches of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s have so many Americans taken to the streets in a national show of frustration, anger, demanding equal treatment under the law. This is not a cop-versus-citizen or cop-versus-politician outpouring any more than those earlier marches were meant to blame the military for following orders of a civilian hierarchy.

There were those who tried to make it so. A loud crazy minority then – as there is now – attempting to twist legitimate national outrage and pain into some sort of anti-American movement. Then it was the marchers “hated the military.” Now it’s marchers “hate cops.” Not true then. Not true now.

Lest we forget, recent injustices carried out against those dead black men and children don’t stop with officers and their guns. There’s a judicial system that needs re-examining. There’s a prosecutorial climate requiring a thorough review by the highest authorities. The errors of omission and co-mission run the gamut of the law enforcement world. From supreme court to traffic court. From city prosecutors to attorneys general. From national law enforcement to the local “cop shop.”

And one more thing. In each of those environs are good people – excellent, well-intentioned, honest and caring officers, prosecutors and judges. If there is to be real change in our relationships with each other – regardless of race or any other factor – those on the inside can be the most effective agents by confronting and disciplining their own ranks. Nothing would make a more meaningful statement of real progress than to have those sharing the police and peacekeeping load thinning out the racists, bigots and miscreants of all sorts that exist within their own peer groups.

The Giulianis, Kings and assorted deranged assassins on the street have always been with us. They’ll always be here to stand as the most vivid examples of arrogance, distrust, blatant hypocrisy, ignorance and cowardice. They’ll be here trying to redirect the honest energies of more learned voices who want justice and fairness.

If we’re to affect real national racial and economic change – achieve honest discourse – reach a point where justice is achieved – it’ll be because we who seek those ends are willing to work and, if necessary, sacrifice to achieve them. Along the way to those goals, we must not be distracted by the siren lies of the Rudy Giulianis and the Peter Kings. Their mindless drivel is fit only as grist for the sewer.

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