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Posts published in “Day: December 21, 2014”

Ambition in 2015

idaho RANDY

In 2016, Governor Jay Inslee will be up for a re-election that, presumably, he will be pursuing.
In 2015, he will be presenting (well, sort of already last week presented) a budget and legislative package that would have to rank as one of the most ambitious of recent years.

The headlines on four of his press releases from last week all by themselves give some of the flavor: “Inslee proposes sustainable, responsible, fair budget to ‘reinvest in Washington’;” “Inslee announces slate of proposals to curb pollution, transition Washington to cleaner sources of energy”; “Gov. Inslee calls for comprehensive statewide transportation program,” “Inslee proposes boldest new efforts in improving full continuum of education in 2 decades.”

He does this at a time when Republicans have come back into outright control of the state Senate, and Democrats maintain only the thinnest control of the state House. The Republican response to Inslee’s push is about what you might expect: Good luck with that.”

At this point, the probable outcome is that Inslee does push through a small number of relatively uncontroversial measures, but that most of them go no further.

Facing with this kind of situation, most governors (of whichever party) faced with a similar situation might tack toward the cautious and basic. Why simply offer a batch of proposals likely to get shot down, unceremoniously, in the legislature? (And yes, that
mostly does seem to be the likely result.)

The best answer that comes immediately to mind is that Inslee is planning to campaign for re-election in 2016on a package that looks a lot like this year’s budget proposal.

While the proposal package may have trouble at the statehouse, it might not make a bad basis for a campaign message and rationale, as well as forming a platform to running against the legislature as well as whatever Republican opponent solidifies. It may sink rather quickly in the next few months, but there seems to be a good chance it will re-emerge in 2016.

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

Idaho gets health cre improvement grant (Boise Statesman)
INL at work on clean energy options (Boise Statesman)
Nuclear waste shipments at INL held up (IF Post Register)
Idaho agriculture hit by shipping slowdowns (IF Post Register)
What happens next with Idaho school broadband? (IF Post Register)
Breakout cows reaptured by meat processor (Pocatello Journal)
Newer churches under construction (Pocstello Journal)
Predator derby continues on track (TF Times News)

UO was a big subject in the news in Eugene (Eugene Register Guard)
Group finds illegal road in Crater Lake park (KF Herald & News)
Klamath still searching for new airline (KF Herald & News)
Oregon help for addicts a flawed system (Portland Oregonian)
Flooding possible in Salem area (Salem Statesman Journal)

Harrison hospital leader looks at transition (Bremerton Sun)
Puget Sound hit by dirty runoff (Everett Herald)
Longview city manager prepares to depart (Longview News)
Mount Rainier wearing away with climate change (Tacoma News Tribune, Olympian)
Publisher at Olympian will retire (Olympian)
Looking at orca die off (Seattle Times)
Military equipment goes to small police offices (Seattle Times)
The complexities of Spokane medical school growth (Spokane Spokesman)
Legislator/county commission at the same time (Vancouver Columbian)
Gorge Commission limited by funding (Vancouver Columbian)
Nitrate polling foundin Yakima valley (Yakima Herald Republic)