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Posts published in “Day: November 21, 2014”

Shortchanging Idaho education

carlson CHRIS


Supporters of better state support for public education, both K thru 12 and higher education, awoke the day after the election, to the stunning news that Jana Jones, a former deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction under Marilyn Howard, had lost the SPI race by some 5000 votes to Sherri Ybarra, a Mountain Home educator/administrator.

Ms. Ybarra had committed gaff after gaff, all disclosed in excruciating detail by Spokesman Review capitol reporter Betsy Russell. The mistakes ranged from outright plagiarism of information on her website taken from Jana Jone’s website, to misleading reporters on how long she’d been in the state, how many marraiges she had been in and her failure to vote in any election in the last ten years.

Yet, because she had the R behind her name, said little of substance during the election, generally avoided the press, and stayed away from State conventions like those held by a state’s district superintendents and by school board direcrtors, she won.

That conclusion begs to be restated, and those who know Idaho has to increase public support for education have every right to be angry about this: Jana Jones lost the election that was hers to lose for a variety of reasons. She should stand up and be accountable. She really let down those who have worked so hard for so many years to put education on a better footing.

It’s not just that she ran a lousy campaign, she ran no campaign. She had just one person working with her and supposedly staffing the campaign. She refused to make fund-raising calls, even when friends like the former SPI, Marilyn Howard, would have her over, give her a list of people just waiting to hear from her before they opened their checkbooks, and she would still refuse to make the calls.

Despite this aversion to fund-raising she somehow collected and spent $125,000 on her “campaign.” Still, that was apparently five times more than the $25,000 that Ms. Ybarra reports having spent. That has to be close to a modern day record in low spending per vote - about 11 and ½ cents per vote. By comparison millionaire gubernatorial candidate A.J. Balukoff spent approximately $16.00 per vote received.

Without any evidence, Ms. Jones apparently believed the National Education Association and the Idaho Education Association were going to step in and run an independent campaign for her election. She guessed wrong.

This may sound petty, but even supporters were non-plussed to see how uncombed her hair looked in the statewide televised debate. A photo of the debate that went over the wire made her literally look scatter-brained. There is ample evidence verifying a UCLA study that says 80% of a viewer’s conclusion on who won a debate is related to appearance and non-verbal signals.

What they say is seldom a factor unless there is a real mistake. Ms. Ybarra understood the importance of visuals. Her hair was neat, she dressed with some “power red” in her attire and remained cool and calm. She won the encounter going away despite media coverage saying she had lost. (more…)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

YMCA school at Meridian a new typ project (Boise Statesman, Nampa Press Tribune)
Looking at purple Teton County (Boise Statesman)
Republicans backing Clark for Bonneville prosecutor (IF Post Register)
Stevenson wants recount in legislative race (Lewiston Tribune)
Body camera cop footage requests overwhelming (Moscow News)

Clatsop Co crime stats available (Astorian)
New finance director names for Astoria port (Astorian)
Astoria airports gets final piece of funding (Astorian)
Oregon immigration impact noted (Eugene Register Guard, Salem Statesman Journal, KF Herald & News)
Snow headed for Cascades (Medford Tribune)
More homelessness among Medford students (Medford Tribune)
Legislators mull packing and edible pot (Pendleton E Oregonian)

Poulsbo council shaken up (Bremerton Sun)
Washington and the new immigration rules (Tacoma News Tribune, Everett Herald, Vancouver Columbian, Yakima Herald Republic)
Longview council rejects oxygen idea for water fix (Longview News)
Clallam debates over electronic warfare (Port Angeles News)
Massive cop-camera data demand dropped (Seattle Times)
More additions to Mt Spokane resort efforts (Spokane Spokesman)
About text messagss from Marysville shooter (Tacoma News Tribune)