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Posts published in “Day: November 20, 2014”

London who?

rainey BARRETT


Here on the central Oregon coast, we seldom make headlines. Most of us like it that way. That’s one of the reasons we live here. Usually peaceful, quiet sort of place - except for tourist season. But, even then, people come and go and life still runs at an acceptably normal pace for most of us.

When we do make the national news, it’s almost always because something bad has happened. Something very abnormal - usually dealing with death and/or destruction. The news kids from Portland and Eugene run over to take notice, shoot some pictures and spread whatever the details may be of our latest anomaly. Like - well - like a mother leading her six-year-old boy by the hand out a quarter mile to the middle of a very high bridge, throwing him 133 feet to his death - then calling the cops. Things like that.

The 3,260 foot long Yaquina Bay Bridge at Newport is a major icon on the Oregon coast - one of 11 bridges designed in the 1930's and ‘40's by engineer Conde McCullough. All his work has a sort of art deco flavor with large curved arches at the center. Nearly all are on the National Historic Register and, when repairs have been required because of age and wear and tear, the structures have been faithfully kept true to the original designs. We who traverse them regularly don’t give them much thought. Not much, that is, until someone uses one as a murder weapon.

The self-confessed killer is Jillian McCabe. The victim was her autistic son, London. That evening, immediately after throwing London to his death, she called 9-1-1, confessed, then waited on the sidewalk of the center span we locals have traveled over so many times without thinking of it as a possible crime scene. She just waited as cops, EMT’s and onlookers arrived in ever-increasing numbers. In about two hours later, everyone was gone and Jillian McCabe was on a suicide watch in the Lincoln County jail.

Four hours later, some folks walking on a dock at an upscale condominium complex a couple of miles East of the bridge saw the small, broken body floating a few feet out.

About the only other factual details available at this point are these: Jillian’s husband had been recently diagnosed with MS and lost his job - London was autistic and required special expensive care he wouldn’t be able to get - his mother had no special employment skills and her family said she had mental problems for a long time.

So, now you know the facts. Such as they are.

Oh, one more thing. A couple of hundred adults and children - most of whom had heard of London McCabe - descended on Newport to hold a couple of vigils in his memory and to tell local media “we’ll never forget.”

The problem is - they will forget. In a way, they already have. They’ll go home, get involved with their normal lives and an Oregon mother’s murder of her child will soon be just another distant memory. If that.

Jillian McCabe will be arraigned eventually. She’ll be shuttled off to a state institution for mental evaluation - one that should’ve been done years ago when her family watched a person they knew had problems get married and have a child. Jillian will come back and, given the facts and that taxpayer-funded exam, be judged on her proven incompetence, be assigned to a state institution and become just another closed case in the files of the Lincoln County Prosecutor. In a year - maybe two - most of us will forget.

But there are others - many others who should remember. Others who include politicians who fail to adequately fund society’s responsibilities to care for those with mental defect or injury. Like the hundreds of thousands of young people sent off to war with no damned thought about their medical- AND psychiatric - needs after multiple trips to the battlefields. We paid to train ‘em and send ‘em out to kill. But we never thought about ‘em coming home with unseen mental injuries caused by the killing and now so many are killing themselves at home we don’t even report the statistics any more. There are Jillian McCabes in their numbers. (more…)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

A week later, Ada roads still icy (Boise Statesman, Nampa Press Tribune)
Idaho Health Exchange holds open house (IF Post Register)
WA struaggles with money for smaller classes (Lewiston Tribune)
Labrador congressional action on Riggins gun range (Lewiston Tribune)
Walla Walla college leader stays despite criticism (Lewiston Tribune)
Washington state may see budget shortfall (Moscow News)
UI considers all-campus ban on tobacco (Moscow News)
State asks for broadband decision reconsideration (Nampa Press Tribune, TF Times News)
Battle consitnues over Gooding superintendent (TF Times News)

Eugene will fine Uber car service (Eugene Register Guard)
UO prepares to build new softball field (Eugene Register Guard)
Gerber Reservoir going nearly dry (KF Herald & News)
Klamath Chamber supports water agreement (KF Herald & News)
OR cities press for local pot taxes (KF Herald & News, Pendleton E Oregonian)
False subscription bills charged at White City (Medford Tribune)
Pendleton airport infrastructure work okayed (Pendleton E Oregonian)
Nike planning massive expansion in Washington Co (Portland Oregonian)
Jordan Cove LNG may emit greenhouse gases (Portland Oregonian)
Salem might contract with new ambulance service (Salem Statesman Journal)

Washington state may see revenue shortfall (Tacoma News Tribune, Vancouver Columbian, Bremerton Sun, Olympian)
New ferry will be the Chimacum (Bremerton Sun)
Lots of residential projects at Silverdale (Bremerton Sun)
Texts hinted at possible Marysville shooting (Everett Herald)
Hedge fund buys Millennium terminal firm (Longview News)
Council, downtown Port Angeles group conflict (Port Angeles NEws)
First Federal plans public offering (Port Angeles News)
Two zoo elephants leaving Seattle (Seattle Times)
Big Delta order goes to Airbus, not Boeing (Seattle Times)
Medical pot sellers gain market advantage (Tacoma News Tribune)
Museum removes guns in wake of new gun law (Tacoma News Tribune)
WA health exchange roaring ahead (Vancouver Columbian)
Yakima school districts admits special ed errors (Yakima Herald Republic)