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Posts published in “Day: November 17, 2014”

The long arm of AIPAC

carlson CHRIS


The concensus among most political pundits in and around Washington, D.C., is that the most powerful, influential political action committee is the American-Israeli Political Action Committee (AIPAC). Most members of Congress think twice before crossing it.

It rewards its supporters with lavish contributions generated from its many members across the nation and is quick to punish those who vote against what they define as the best interests of Israel. Even Greg Casey, the talented Idahoan who once was Senator Larry Craig’s chief of staff and then Sergeant of Arms of the Senate, and is now president of BIPAC (Business and Industry Political Action Committee) would concede his powerful PAC is Avis to the pro-Israel Hertz.

With the leadership of the pro-Israel PAC, one is either for or against them. There’s no middle ground; their issues are black or white, and if you don’t vote with them 100% of the time, then you are suspected of harboring anti-Semetic views, as any who question how the Israelis have been treating the Palestinians soon find out.

Recently, well known Idahoan Marty Peterson, who retired from public service over a year ago, visited Israel. Marty’s last post was that of vice president for government affairs and lead lobbyist for the University of Idaho. Prior to that he served in a variety of posts including service as budget director for Governor John Evans, executive director of the Association of Idaho Cities, and executive director of the Idaho Centennial Commission.

Marty is a history buff and a keen observer of political affairs so he shared his take on the Palestinian/Israeli conflict with a column posted on Randy Stapilus’ widely read blog, Ridenbaugh Press/Northwest. Like most Americans, he flew to Israel thinking he was pretty pro-Israel. Unlike most though, he saw through the propaganda and ended up expressing great sympathy for the Palestinians whom he observed are being treated by Israel much as Jewish people have been mistreated over the centuries.

In particular, Marty noted the defiant extension of law-breaking Jewish settlements in Palestinian territory and the unilateral appropriation of water for these illegal settlements taken from the Palestinian owners. He also had a long visit with the recently retired Catholic Archbishop for Galilee, Elias Chacour. (more…)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

Digging begins at downtown Boise Center Plaza (Boise Statesman)
Idahoans biggest water uses in nation (Boise Statesman, Nampa Press Tribune, TF Times News)
Deep freeze remains in Treasure Valley (Nampa Press Tribune)
2014 was an average year for poaching in Idaho (TF Times News)

Eugene parks efforts funded in 2012 move ahead (Eugene Register Guard)
Farmer markets near saturation, study says (Medford Tribune)
Much of rural Oregon still struggling economically (Portland Oregonian)
Salem considers increases in garbage rates (Salem Statesman Journal)

Small companies can buy coverage (Bremerton Sun)
Bremerton police reconsidering body cams (Bremerton Sun)
Edmonds considers massive tunnel for trains (Everett Herald)
State group will look at landslides (Everett Herald)
Failure of Oregon driver issue, national view (Longview News)
New Cowlitz commissioner getting ready (Longview News)
JZ Knight argues conservative foundation is political group (Olympian)
Port Angeles still tries luring Kenmore Air back (Port Angeles News)
DEA checking on Seahawks, other medical staffs (Seattle Times)
Spokane County takes over garbage pickup (Spokane Spokesman)
BNSF rail buys new heating units (Spokane Spokesman)
Where will 1,000 new students at Battle Ground go? (Vancouver Columbian)
Washington state health exhange working again (Vancouver Columbian)
Are Yakima water regs an over-burden? (Yakima Herald Republic)