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Posts published in “Day: August 21, 2014”

And it was so

rainey BARRETT


Live long enough and that old saw “all things old are new again” will have more meaning. The six communities of Idaho’s Ada County may be about to step into a time warp and make the “old new again.” It appears political bubbling and boiling just beneath the surface could soon break out with a decision - likely in court - to return control of county roads to cities. For many of the same reasons the Ada County Highway District (ACHD) was created in the first place 40+ years ago. How’s that for irony?

In the ‘70's, the hot topic was how those six local governments could save taxpayers so much money on road and highway care if they threw all their various road departments into a central unified “highway district.” After all, six highway departments were just “creating lots of duplication.” Just made all the sense in the world!

And it was so.

But, shortly after creation, you could hear whispers of discontent. “We’ve lost control of our streets.” “Our taxes are subsidizing all the others.” “Another level of government we just don’t need.” “Boise’s going to get more money than us.” Etc. Etc. Etc.

And it was so.

I don’t recall a year from creation of ACHD to now that there hasn’t been bitching about something. Though directors of ACHD are elected from districts more or less representative of all six communities - plus the rural areas - there have always been battles about distribution of dollars, cars versus bikes, mass transit versus more roads, who gets what, where the new roads will go, snow removal, where maintenance should be done and how much. And on and on and on. Long ago, ACHD should have hired Ann Landers or “Dear Abby” to keep peace in its multi-governmental “family.”

Case in point. Boise recently installed some new computerized parking meters around town. If a car left a spot with time remaining on the meters, these electronic bandits would “zero out” so the new occupant couldn’t get a break. After an expensive installation, ACHD said Boise didn’t own the parking spaces, had not applied for “permission” and should take ‘em out. Post haste!

And it was so.

With a whole new round of bitching. (more…)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

Meridian firm DBSI ex-exec sentenced to prison (Idaho Statesman)
Treefort back, though yet profitless (Idaho Statesman)
Boise tailgating ordinance permanent (Idaho Statesman)
Energy conference at IF focuses on nuclear (IF Post Register, Pocatello Journal)
Rural post offices set to be downsized (IF Post Register)
Latah county hold summit with solid waste people (Moscow News)
Whitman Co microwave dishes may be replaced (Moscow News)
Burnett moving back to law classroom (Moscow News)
New Terry Reilly clinic opening in Nampa (Nampa Press Tribune)
Parking fees considered for Nampa library area (Nampa Press Tribune)
Idaho gas prices above national average (Pocatello Journal)
Gas explorer credit downgraded (TF Times News)

Profits rising at Eugene-area hospitals (Eugene Register Guard)
KF health department moves to new site (KF Herald & News)
Earthquake swarm hits Lakeview area (KF Health & News)
Josephine County sheriff has staff problems (Ashland Tidings)
Medical pot dispensary reopens at Ashland (Medford Tribune)
Boating hazards with low reservoirs (Medford Tribune)
Crop yield low in n-central OR (Pendleton E Oregonian)
Reduction in members on convention board (Pendleton E Oregonian)
Pot shops in Vancouver have uneasy time (Portland Oregonian)
More fire funds soought by Forest Service (Salem Statesman Journal)

State working on ferry issues (Bremerton Sun)
Lake management district proposed in Kitsap (Bremerton Sun)
North Kitsap schools cut class sizes (Bremerton Sun)
Hanford contractor ordered to rehire whistleblower (Kennewick Herald)
Liveability at Jefferson/Clallam assessed (Port Angeles News)
One person crews for trains? (Vancouver Columbian)
Long waits for users at Kaiser pharmacy (Vancouver Columbian)
Yakima schools increasing teacher spots (Yakima Herald Republic)