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Posts published in “Day: August 16, 2014”

George Hansen

idaho RANDY

Idaho has seen no retail political campaigners better than George Hansen, the former member of Congress who died last week. A few may have been as capable, but none better.

In campaigning mode, he was tireless and fearless of going anywhere and talking to anyone. At the handshake he was charming and just a bit self-effacing; that touch of humility was the key added ingredient. I remember following him one day in one of his campaigns for the U.S. House – it may have been 1978 – culminating for me as he relentlessly worked the late afternoon shift change at the Pocatello Simplot and FMC plants. The plants were having a bad air day and the air was full of gunk which rained down on us. Hansen was oblivious to it. A lot of those workers were old-line Democrats, but Hansen's manner was impossible to dislike.

Afterward, I went home and showered. And rested. Hansen, if memory serves, was just getting started. Late at night, he'd work the bowling alleys and anything else still open through midnight hours. And his campaigns worked. He won seven races for the U.S. House. He also won the job of mayor of Alameda, a city which merged with Pocatello – with Hansen's support, though it eliminated his mayoralty.

Hansen started his adult life as a salesman (of insurance), and built on those skills. His problem may have been that he internalized his political pitch too much; while his manner one on one could be humble, he tried to build around him a kind of sense of historic destiny. His 1984 campaign (his last) featured a comic book called “George the dragon slayer!” in which Hansen was depicted as the courageous knight doing battle with the IRS and OSHA.

He was the personification of the growing anti-government attitude in Idaho, the crusader against big and evil government. His campaigns mark the point where demonization of government began to take hold in the state. (His contemporary, Steve Symms, made the case in a lighter, breezier way.)
A certain amount of self-confidence is needed for running for higher office. Hansen went from the Pocatello City Council to the U.S. House in 1964. Four years later he ran for the Senate, against the advice of many. But it eluded him that year and again in 1972, when he lost the Republican nomination to James McClure. Hansen went public with accusations that a Boise big business cabal had lined up against him. Whatever the truth of that, the Senate runs left him financially strapped, and financial problems would dog him for years. (more…)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

Albertsons says it stopped a data breach (Boise Statesman)
George Hansen dies at Pocatello (Boise Statesman, IF Post Register)
Variable results in Idaho SATs (Boise Statesman, Pocatello Journal)
Taxes may rise 11% in Moscow (Lewiston Tribune)
College students head back to universities (Moscow News)
New Highway 16 bridge near Boise opens (Nampa Press Tribune)
Mortgage consumer complaints cutting back (Nampa Press Tribune)
State board allows for ISU program reductions (Pocatello Journal)

New developer bridge over Delta area (Eugene Register Guard)
Path might endanger iconic rhododendrons (Eugene Register Guard)
Interfor may run biomass effort at Gilchrist (KF Herald & News)
Officials ask for revised rules on drought (KF Herald & News)
ODOT seeks Hwy 97 overpass for wildlife (KF Herald & News)
Students return to college campuses (Ashland Tidings)
State considers I-5 overpass for ducks (Medford Tribune)
Drones deemed hazardous to firefighters (Pendleton E Oregonian)
Drought still hitting Oregon hard (Portland Oregonian)
Wyden asks for surveillance changes (Salem Statesman Journal)
Prices change at Oregon State Fair (Salem Statesman Journal)

Ferries administrator put on leave (Bremerton Sun)
County property tax errors cost $1m (Bremerton Sun)
Everett devises anti-flood plan (Everett Herald)
Oso-area community finally reconnected by road (Everett Herald)
Waste burial tests suggest hope at Hanford (Kennewick Herald)
Potatoes damaged by heavy heat (Kennewick Herald)
Tacoma Dome hold convention for pot business (Longview News)
Overloaded ferry turned back (Seattle Times, Breemerton Sun)
Local police load up military gear (Spokane Spokesman)
Revised Sprague connector links to I-5 (Tacoma News Tribune)
Summer in Vancouver hottest ever (Vancouver Columbian)
Herrera Beutler, others discuss forest plans (Vancouver Columbian)
Yakima schools chief Beraza will retire (Yakima Herald Republic)