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Posts published in “Day: August 10, 2014”

Punishment is overdue

rainey BARRETT


The most fundamental structures of our country are being challenged. Put another way - even more basic - America is under attack. No airplanes. No bombs dropped. No anti-aircraft batteries. No tanks or missiles. Not even an invasion of our shoreline. But the attacks are real. Numerous. Sustained. Sometimes orchestrated. And worst of all - from within.

I’ve not just left the most recent mindless histrionics of the John Birch Society. Nor am I a Limbaugh or Beck adherent. And I still believe Michelle Malkin is the most ignorant voice ever to foul national airwaves. But there are things afoot challenging our way of life - deliberate lawbreaking activities of too many citizens and even some we’ve elected to public office. In both political parties - right and left.

Worse than all that - nearly all of these assaults are - so far - going seemingly unchallenged by legal authority. And - at times - some of them are being committed by the legal authorities we rely upon.

Here are some examples:

## The governors of Idaho and eight other states formally told the U.S. Justice Department they wont enforce certain mandatory federal requirements regarding their legal responsibilities for protecting the safety of inmates in their various penitentiaries. Won’t do it.

## More than 100 people with ATV’s invaded archeological sites in Utah where such vehicle use is prohibited by law. They spent much of one day posing for various media by trafficking through the “off limits” areas with their children - and guns - riding along.

## Some 200 sheriffs have told federal authorities they’ll not enforce laws dealing with guns which THEY deem “unconstitutional.” Further, they’ve served notice they’ll stop and/or arrest any federal officer trying to do so.

## Several dozen “citizens” deliberately carried exposed weapons to an anti-gun law demonstration in Washington D.C. where the law expressly forbids such displays.

## A Nevada rancher is in arrears over $1 million to the feds. He not only refuses to honor a contract of longstanding with the government but has also used his unearned notoriety to gather other lawbreakers to break other federal and state laws on his behalf.

## The armed and unlawful assembly at Bunkerville has continued unabated with citizen guns turned on government employees doing their court-ordered duties. They’ve been impeding traffic on federal and state highways for nearly two months and trespassing on the private properties of locals. Several months now. Unimpeded.

A report from the Southern Poverty Law Center sums up these and many more recent examples of in-your-face actions by people hellbent on condemning anything governmental. Called “War on the West” it delves deeply into the Bundy mess.

Center Director Mark Potok cites these and other examples as warnings of things to come if the feds don’t gain an understanding that this is the volatile nature of what’s happening. The Bundy lawbreaking “was not an organic plot. It was a coordinated effort to bring the threat of violence to the federal government.”

SPLC cites many examples of hundreds of militia types, conspiracy theorists and other angry extremists who quickly responded to Bundy’s call for a range war. So far - without consequence.

I’ve heard a number of honestly-offered arguments about why there’s been no ”push back.” I’ve heard ‘em and I reject ‘em. Even the ones contending there would have been gunfire and casualties at Bunkerville. Which likely would’ve been the case. And may yet be. But that’s what can happen when people take up arms against their government. Those doing so need to learn that hard truth when they do it. Not just get a lecture and a ticket. (more…)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

Colleges will report on strengths, weaknesses (Boise Statesman, Lewiston Tribune)
Boise seeks to annex 27,000 people to the SW (Boise Statesman)
Idaho's standard of living falls behind (IF Post Register)
Employers in Idaho seeinng wave of retirees (IF Post Register)
Traffic light change at Karcher Road (Nampa Press Tribune)
Legislator sues Bannock County over jail death (Pocatello Journal)
Ybarra campaign draws questions (TF Times News)

Former Santa Clara school site may be sold (Eugene Register Guard)
Sky Lakes Medical adding clinics, staff (KF Herald & News)
Some wildfires nearly contained (KF Herald & News)
Gender pay gap found in state (Salem Statesman Journal)
How much tax money would pot give OR? (Salem Statesman Journal)

Legal settlement by Bremerton school, covered (Kitsap Sun)
Paine Field could see ongoing changes (Everett Herald)
Marysville goes after special ed improvements (Everett Herald)
Legal pot still has high cost, low supply (Longview News)
Wildfires burning through fighting funds (Seattle Times)
The last Issaquah farm sold (Seattle Times)
Massive I-5 renovation at Tacoma begins (Tacoma News Tribune)
Clark Co sees many more traffic fatalities (Vancouver Columbian)
In Clark GOP, moderates faring better (Vancouver Columbian)
ACLU sues Yakima, seeks by-district council seat (Yakima Herald Republic)