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Posts published in “Day: August 4, 2014”


rainey BARRETT


If you’re looking for the usual rant about this-that-and-the-other usually found in this space, there’s disappointment ahead. The historic mess we’re in at the moment - politically and congressionally speaking - has about left me rant-less.

Criticism after criticism and well-worded complaint after well-worded complaint by others more intellectually-gifted and less intellectually-challenged have made no mark on the consciousness of our politicians so historically bad at their jobs. The oligarchy we’ve become has left no sense of responsibility to the folks at home. None. As long as some billionaire continues to kick in big bucks to whichever party he wants to buy at the moment, those with their hands out will pay us no mind.

As Mitch McConnell has run rule book circles around the backbone-challenged Harry Reid, the U.S. Senate has become the place where common sense legislation goes to die. Operating as no other political sphere I’m aware of, the minority has held firmly to Reid’s gonads and dragged him and the will of the majority all over hell’s half acre. The wasteland that used to be a respected and fully-functioning part of our democracy is littered with crumpled legislation that never had a chance.

In the House, a gutless Speaker - trying hard to keep his limousines, the taxpayer jet aircraft, secret service details, his huge suite of offices filled with an overabundance of staff, his additional pay and private dining room - that guy has allowed a few dozen cretins to stifle an entire government. Cretins who deny science, deny law, deny common sense and even deny the multiplication tables - these beneath-the-bridge-dwellers have proven their next attempt to repeal something could well be the law of gravity. It’s this bunch of hypocrites that has brought about my political confusion.

I started having trouble with my civics education when these animal crackers drove Republicans in the House to find a lawyer hungry enough to take their meaningless “case” to sue the President! One branch of one branch of our three branch government suing one of the other two. As this lunacy slowly sank into my cortex, I quickly visualized Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and some other feisty founders rising from their graves to ask each other if this was what they intended when they created the three-legged stool of our democracy. Republic, if you will. The balance.

Trying to make sense of that portion of the court filing dealing with the reason for such lunacy, it all came down to this: faced with dead ends at every turn when dealing with Congress, our President took it upon himself to do something without crawling up Capitol Hill only to find a closed door and degrading voices making nasty references to his manhood. And this added curiosity. What he did is what they wanted to do but didn’t because they couldn’t get their own act together! (more…)

In the Briefings

Fierce lightning hit the Willamette Valley on the night of July 31, in some places knocking down trees and doing other damage. This photo was taken near Carlton in Yamhill County. (photo/Brad Salter)

This week offered a little bit of a breather on the fire front, as burning on the massive Carlton Complex eased back. But emergency conditions persist across much of the state, and we're still just about to enter what is normally the peak of wildfire burning season.

In Oregon and Idaho, political television spots for the fall general election season are just about to hit the airwaves – August being the month that starts to happen. Watch for some dark money ads coming in this time around. Meanwhile, Washington prepares for it top two.

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

Idaho paying more, not less, at gas pumps (Boise Statesman)
One hurting, CradlePoint growing fast again (Boise Statesman)
Appeals court reviewing Idaho law on marriage (Moscow News)
Fewer building permits at Caldwell (Nampa Press Tribune)
No winemaker school facilities in Idaho (Nampa Press Tribune)
Restoration plans for Twin's Orpheum theatre (TF Times News)

UO profs working on sustainable city (Eugene Register Guard)
Ashland pot rules ready for Tuesday vote (Ashland Tidings)
Ashland water situation helped by conservation (Ashland Tidings)
Oregon Gulch, other fires grow fast (Medford Tribune)
Border children arriving in Idao (Portland Oregonian)
A look at donors to area races (Salem Statesman Journal)

Sheldon Senate race gets help from GOP (Bremerton Sun)
Republicans look to replace Mike Hope (Everett Herald)
STEM elementary school ready at Pasco (Kennewick Herald)
95 of 123 legislative races have only 2 contenders (Vancouver Columbian, Yakima Herald Republic, Longview News)
Clallam prosecutor candidates on race (Port Angeles News)
Seattle bans right turn at Dexter/Mercer (Seattle Times)
Vancouver considerd parking meter app (Vancouver Columbian)
Fires still burning hot near Ellensburg (Yakima Herald Republic)