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‘Fighting the Odds’ – back in print

You’ve seen the box above this post – about the new edition of the great Frank Church biography Fighting the Odds – for a while now. But with the release ongoing, I wanted to draw a little more attention to it.

You can find most of what you want to know (including how to order) at the Fighting the Odds page.

Here’s what we had to say in our release to media and others:

Four-term Idaho Senator Frank Church would make any short list of the most important U.S. senators of the last century, and one of the most active on heated issues, from his role in developing wilderness areas, to his opposition to the Vietnam War, to investigating the CIA, Church was a leader on a host of difficult issues – and he did so representing a state where his views were not always in the majority.

Now Fighting the Odds: The Life of Senator Frank Church by LeRoy Ashby and Rod Gramer, is back in print on the twentieth anniversary of its first publication, through Ridenbaugh Press.

With a new foreword from Oregon’s senior senator Ron Wyden, who has followed Church’s footsteps with efforts to protect Americans from the over-reaching of our National Security Agency, “Fighting the Odds,” is an award-winning, serious biography about a man who was not afraid to speak out and stand for what was right, instead of what was popular, accepted policy.

Wyden said in his foreword, “In Fighting the Odds, LeRoy Ashby and Rod Gramer have written, to my mind, the definitive biography of Senator Church’s political life. When Mr. Gramer contacted me about writing a foreword for the 20th anniversary of the book’s first printing, I was honored and quickly said yes.”

Gramer, a long-time Idaho Journalist and now President and CEO of Idaho Business for Education, covered Church for years before joining with Washington State University Professor LeRoy Ashby to write the biography.

The foreword in the first edition (reprinted in the new one) was written by then-Vice President Al Gore, who remarked, “My first memories of Senator Frank Church are from the days when my father took me as a young child to the Senate Chamber. Senator Church was easily the nicest and kindest person I met. . . . Frank Church was a visionary leader of conviction and principles. He was a strong proponent of civil rights, environmental legislation and the Panama Canal treaties of 1978. He foresaw the end of communism. But Senator Church’s greatest gift to his country was his willingness to always – always – fight for the causes in which he believed, even if his views went against public opinion.”

Kirkus Reviews called “Fighting the Odds,”  “An exhaustive, nicely done biography of the late Idaho Senator Frank Church, whose four terms (1957-81) ran from the beginning of the Cold War to the post-Vietnam era.”

Historian David McCullough said that “This fine, lively, comprehensive biography couldn’t be more welcome. Frank Church was brave, bright, articulate nearly to a fault, and a good and principled man besides. Fighting the Odds is the kind of biography so greatly needed for the powerful, influential men and women of Congress who have put their marks on our history. In choosing Senator Church, authors Ashby and Gramer have brought to life one of the most important and appealing figures of them all.”

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