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Posts published in “Day: April 8, 2014”

Keep the change

rainey BARRETT


I’m at an age when I’m slow to accept change. If something has worked well most of my life, it should continue unabated. The comfort zone should not be disturbed. Even as I remember that old saw “change is the only constant,” when it happens it’s still unsettling.

Two recent discoveries are causing my current discomfort. One is that more and more new cars are being sold without spare tires. Now that may be acceptable to those who live in large urban areas where service stations, tire repair shops and tow trucks are readily available. For those of us used to driving several hundred miles at a stretch through empty Western landscapes, the idea is most certainly unacceptable. Most of Oregon’s Harney and Lake Counties fit that empty description. Idaho’s Owyhee, too.

Car companies claim putting a spare tire in each new model costs about $30. Now if you have an annual production run of 200,000, that fifth wheel and tire will cost about $6 million. I once had a flat in Harney County, so far from civilization, that I would have personally paid the $6 million. But, apparently, CEO bonuses are being threatened so we are being asked to sacrifice. Again.

Car makers argue new generations of tires are made of better rubber, are stronger and less apt to have problems. There are also the new “run flat” tires on some of the more expensive models that will normally get you to the next service station. If that service station fixes flats - which many don’t. And is less than 50 miles away. Which many aren’t.

Their weakest argument is that taking out the weight of a tire and wheel makes the vehicle lighter so, therefore, you get better mileage. They make that claim but the savings are so small they don’t try to put a number on it. I could make the same argument that removing all seats but the drivers would probably increase mileage as well but, again, statistically insignificant when compared with convenience.

The second upheaval in my life recently came with the news that fewer K-12 schools, colleges and universities are publishing the traditional yearbook. Again, cost is the reason given. As one principal said, “We’re firing teachers so, when it comes to teachers versus yearbooks, yearbooks are going to lose.” At least that makes more sense than the effect of no spare tire on gas mileage. (more…)

On the front pages


Here’s what public affairs news made the front page of newspapers in the Northwest today, excluding local crime, features and sports stories. (Newspaper names contracted with location)

Few converts outside GOP for Fulcher (Boise Statesman)
Boise Co-op in review (Boise Statesman)
Looking at 'Part Time Indian' book, Meridian (Boise Statesman)
National Forest review, megaloads on Hwy 12 (Lewiston Tribune)
Lewiston may get new swimming pool (Lewiston Tribune)
Court asked to reject ag gag lawsuit (Nampa Press Tribune, Lewiston Tribune, Moscow News, Sandpoint Bee)
Kiva Theatre at UI may be razed (Moscow News)
Nampa mulls traffic around new library (Nampa Press Tribune)
Caldwell urban renewal may end (Nampa Press Tribune)
Coldwater Creek may file for bankruptcy soon (Sandpoint Bee)
Filer cop in dog shooting case resumes work (TF Times News)
Lots of lunch subsidies in Magic Valley (TF Times News)

Corvallis moving toward new parking rules (Corvallis Gazette Times)
Glenwood conference center moving ahead (Eugene Register Guard)
SkyWest ending flights, issues created (KF Herald & News)
Tribal members consider water deal (KF Herald & News)
Watershed thinning planned, trails close (Ashland Tidings)
CostCo may open in Medford Northgate area (Medford Tribune)
Timber bidders watch for burn results (Medford Tribune)
Extra watching for medical pot dealers (Pendleton East Oregonian)
Strike averted at Portland State (Portland Oregonian)
Oregon perforance in voting procedure reviewed (Portland Oregonian)
Deputy corrections leader investigated (Salem Statesman Journal)

Aid coming for Oso people and others (Everett Herald)
Smaller school classes, ballot issue (Everett Herald)
B Reactor gets a virtual tour guide (Kennewick Herald)
Searching continues at Oso (Kennewick Herald, Longview News, Port Angeles News)
West Main road work nearly done (Longview News)
New Olympic human society next year? (Port Angeles News)
King County transit tax vote ahead (Seattle Times)
Tacoma gifted kids get new options (Tacoma News Tribune)