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Today’s GOP: Ford/Boehner not Reagan/Rubio?

mansfield DENNIS

I haven’t blogged yet on the political weakness of the entire GOP, observed recently by all.

Today I decided to do so.

A little needed background before I make my point:

For years I’ve been both a businessman and a political consultant.

In business I’ve owned a small mortgage company, a mid-sized soil erosion control company & a local city-wide firm that helped house ex-addicts. I’ve been a business coach for almost a decade and I recently became an author, published by Simon and Schuster and Endurance Press.

As a political consultant I lobbied for the Realtors, was the founding executive director of the Building Industry Association (BIA) of Palm Springs, CA and for a decade I founded and ran the Idaho Family forum – a pro-family public policy think-tank that educated and lobbied under IRS code 501 (c) 3 sub chapter (h), working in association with Focus on the Family and the Family Research council.

My experience also involved helping men and women run for office in the California’s Assembly, US Congress and US Senate along with Idaho’s House and Senate. A partial list of the GOP campaigns I’ve served/supported includes:

Howard Jarvis/Paul Gann/Proposition 13 (’78 cycle)
Ronald Reagan’s PAC, Citizens for the Republic – (’78 cycle)
David Dreier for US Congress (’78 cycle)
Reagan/Bush (’80 cycle in CA)
John Paul Stark for US Congress (’80, ’82 and ’84 cycles)
Fund-raising for Steve Symms for US Senate, Idaho (’84 cycle)
Robert Henley for CA Assembly (’84 cycle) & US Congress (’86 cycle)
Reagan/Bush(’84 cycle in CA)
Roger Madsen for ID State Senate (’92 cycle)
Dave Baumann for ID House (’92 cycle)
Bill Sali for ID House (’92, ’94 cycle)
Helen Chenoweth for US Congress (’94 Primary cycle)
Dole/Kemp (’96 cycle)
Gary Bauer for President (2000 Primary cycle)
Bill Sali for US Congress (’06 Cycle)
Raul Labrador for US Congress (’10 Primary cycle)

I hope my credentials speak for themselves.

Not a person among this list would be considered moderate or liberal.

I’m proud of those past credentials – of my business background and my political involvement – and yet I’m cautious of what I’m now seeing in the philosophical break-down within the GOP over this recent budget stalemate. Something deep down is wrong…

I think the Republican Party is lost in the woods – state by state and nationally.

The compass that directed them in the past has lost its true north: the founding document of our Republic, the US Constitution.

In 1980 the GOP used that compass and crafted its national party platform as a reflection of that truth.

Americans came forward because they longed to be involved. Citizens within the republic who had never been involved, became involved. Conservative evangelical christians, economic conservatives, constitutionalists, moms and dads…and then, in recent years, Tea Party members.

The tent was big, the issues were focused.

Not now. The compass still works, it’s just been set aside, it seems…

Citizens for the Republic recently put it this way in their mission:

“Some thirty years later, the GOP finds itself in much the same condition; worn down incapable of articulating a competing message and compelling vision to stand up against the liberal onslaught likely to come under President Barack Obama and the liberal elite that now dominates nearly every facet of American government and culture, from the White House and Capitol Hill, to colleges and Hollywood.

The belief that man’s freedom comes from God and not the State is once again in danger of being extinguished in America. Once again, the Republican Party is in danger of extinction.

As Ronald Reagan said, “the role of government is not to protect us from ourselves, it is to protect us from each other. Reagan understood that America was a rugged, do it yourself enterprise and that any government big enough to do everything for you is also big enough to take everything away from you.”

I agree with CFTR. “Once again, the Republican Party is in danger of extinction.”

The life of the Republican Party is ebbing; the Grand Old Party is not so grand at this moment, while looking every bit its old age.

It’s become a bifurcated hodge-podge of people, many of whom seem to have developed a cult of personality & allegiance to Ronald Reagan, the man, as an effective leader – while totally walking away from the deep-rooted political beliefs that President Reagan supported and implemented.

Many in the GOP harken back to the “good old days”, seeming to love Reagan while philosophically AND politically dismissing Reaganomics; they’re attracted to the strong Commander-in-Chief example of him in the past, while failing to understand the truth of “peace through strength” in the future.

They want to look like they’re negotiating, when in reality they’re folding.

It seems they want Ronald Reagan without needing President Reagan.

How angry he would be at such foolishness, were he alive today.

In reality, they’re more like the ultimate insider, President Gerald Ford, than they are President Reagan.

Today it’s Boehner as Ford. Today it’s Marco Rubio and Raul Labrador and a handful of men and women who GET the philosophy of Ronald Reagan, rather than the personality.

We need to look toward the future, for the rendezvous with detiny that still awaits us.

The constitution is our compass. It was for President Reagan.

It MUST be for today’s Republican Party – and for the nation.

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