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First take, Sunday


A Seattle Times editorial suggests that the majority Republicans in the U.S. House are descending into chaos. Φ Also in the Times, Danny Westneat writes about a Seattle woman who’s being priced out of her Bank of America checking account. (What’s happening: She doesn’t have enough money to get gouging monthly fees waived; if she had a much larger bankroll, there’d be no fees.) Φ Where does Washington state store the money it gets from marijuana fees, taxes and so forth? Having a bank big enough to defend itself against possible federal activity seems to be a prerequisite.

The ocean’s chemistry has been changing significantly, and Northwest scientists are look into it, and how those changes have been doing serious damage to much of the life within the ocean. Φ There’s a significant industrial center in northwest Portland, close by the Columbia River; so what happens to it (and the river) if an earthquake hits? It won’t be pretty, a new study says. Φ The Phil Knights are offering the Oregon Health Science University a half-billion dollars for cancer research – if they can match it. The push is on … Φ Eugene is considering establishing more than one camp for the city’s homeless, since the need seems to be so large.

St. Luke’s is working on a major push in the Nampa market, and there’s some serious pushback in the form of a lawsuit from other providers. At what point is competition squashed, and at what point does a large enough ability to buy goods and services allow for price containment? There’s material for a serious round of thinking on this. Φ A new study suggests that the number of jobs in agriculture in Idaho (still the state’s predominant industry overall) are down, although there’s some growing demand for certain types of specialized work.

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