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Ain’t gonna happen

rainey BARRETT


When asked if there’s a likelihood Republicans can take the White House in 2016 – or even 2020 – I have two answers. “No” and “I hope not.” Most often, that starts a verbal tennis match – sometimes resulting in my parentage being questioned.

I’ve voted for a lot of Republicans over the years and have absolutely no animosity toward the brand. None. Historically, many fine folk among the elephants – many who’ve served the nation well. But today’s GOP variety pack is less political “health food” and far too many salty “nuts.” Until the recipe is re-mixed to provide a more balanced philosophical diet, they’d be unhealthful and should be avoided in the nation’s – and our – best interests.

The evidence of unfitness to serve is everywhere. But let’s just focus on these stories of Republican political activities in just one 24-hour national news cycle. For the record keepers reading, that would be April 30 – May 1, 2013. You can fact-check anything herein.

Huffington Post Headline: “GOP Census Bill Would Eliminate America’s Economic Indicators.” They’ve introduced a bill to bar the U.S. Census Bureau from conducting nearly all surveys except the decennial population count. That would end government’s ability to provide reliable estimates of employment (or unemployment) and nearly every other Census Bureau tabulation at every level of government, most national businesses, statistical professionals, immigration, economy, academics.. It’d cripple health care, manufacturing, education, law enforcement and nearly everything else..

Washington Post Headline: “Lamar Smith: Science Peer Review Process Would Improve Political Oversight.” The GOP Chairman of the House Science Committee introduced a bill to require political oversight of ALL scientific work done by the National Science Foundation. Every conclusion of every scientific study by the Foundation would have to be reviewed AND APPROVED by politicians before being published. Legitimate scientists would be barred from contradicting any outcome of the political oversight.

Salon.Com Headline: “Republicans Embrace Conspiracy That DHS Is Buying Up Ammo.” Sen. Inhofe and Rep. Lucas introduced bills to stop Department of Homeland Security from “buying up the nation’s supply of ammunition as a way to take over the market and institute gun control.” They have Republican co-signers. Only Republican co-signers.

Huffington Post Headline: “Arizona Silver & Gold Bill Passes State Senate.” Claiming a “lack of confidence in the international monetary system,” the Arizona Senate approved a House-passed measure to make gold and silver legal currency in the state. It should be noted Idaho and Utah Republicans have tried this for many a year. It never goes anywhere but they keep trying. But in Arizona, it got very close to being law. Should the GOP ever be in a national position to pull this off, the resulting calamity around the world can’t be overstated.

Huffington Post Headline: “Pat Toomey: Background Checks Died Because GOP Didn’t Want To Help Obama.” Sen. Toomey (R-PA) tells the world fellow Republicans told him they voted against background checks to weed out unfit purchasers of guns because they “didn’t want to be seen helping the President.” When faced with a simple, greatly watered-down bill to take one small step to help assure national safety – and possibly avoid more mass executions by madmen – nearly all Republicans and four Democrats just couldn’t put national priorities above their own self-interest.

Los Angeles Times Headline: Tea Party Group Hopes To Draft Sarah Palin To Run For U.S. Senate. She’s looking at it. ‘Nuff said.

National Review Headline: “Ted Cruze 2016? Freshman Senator Eyeing Presidential Run.” The most nationally divisive Republican Senator since Joe McCarthy looking at the White House in his first year? That’s “first year” not “first term.”

This is just one day’s news cycle – 24-hours of headline-making Republicanism. Add to that previous headlines: more than 300 bills in Congress and GOP-controlled legislatures to restrict or end abortion; 122 bills to limit voter access; dozens of bills to break up unions – especially public employee unions of teachers, police and firefighters; Republican bills to allow states to take control of federal lands; bills in three states to allow discrimination by race/gender now banned at the federal level; GOP bills in Congress and four states to make Christianity the national religion; five GOP states trying to require drug testing for welfare recipients and the unemployed; and on and on and on. All by Republicans already elected!

And now, House Majority Leader Cantor says there will be a 37th vote to kill Obamacare. That follows 36 losses on 36 previous tries.

A two-party government runs most effectively when both parties are healthy, positive and directed toward goals of unity and progress. “Healthy,” “positive,” “unity” and “progress” are not words any thinking political observer can apply to today’s Republican Party.

There’ll be no unity in the GOP in the near future. Maybe not for a decade or more. No sudden re-invention of healthy, positive Republicanism because the warring factions can’t agree on what – or who – that may be. There’ll be splits – re-splits – re-re-splits in philosophy, direction and candidates. Primaries and conventions will be bloody and divided. Saner heads seeking unity and direction of Party purpose will either be forced out or the divisive voices now in control will exit – stage right – to form one, two, three or more “Republican purity” parties. GOP subdividing would (or will) guarantee decades of minority-of-a-minority status.

As long as these types of stories represent daily activities of Republicans already elected to some office somewhere, my answers to the question “Will Republicans soon have a national majority” will continue to be “No” and “Hell No!”

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