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Posts published in “Day: April 12, 2013”

First take: The pledge, Walden’s kerfluffle


THE PLEDGE A solution in search of a problem? A bill now headed to the Oregon House floor would require that every classroom has to conduct a pledge of allegiance - though, per court decisions, students cannot be required to participate - and every one would have to maintain an American flag to salute. What exactly is the problem this is intended to counter?

WALDEN'S KERFLUFFLE Oregon Representative Greg Walden is in the U.S. House leadership and is even in charge of the caucus' campaign committee, which might suggest he's all but immune to intra-party conflict. But not so. A remark critical of cuts to Social Security increases, included in President Obama's proposed budget, drew a sharp rebuke from House Speaker John Boehner and earned Walden a target on his back for the Club for Growth, which indicates it is encouraging a primary challenge for him. As with the Club's targeting of similarly centrally-positioned Mike Simpson in Idaho, this seems like folly, though in-party battles often do have consequences one way or another.