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First Take: Zero TV, pot impairment


ZERO TV Not a totally local story, but this comment in the Seattle Times website was irresistible: “If cable companies would let us pick the few channels we DO want to have, instead of making us pay for loads of toilet bowl filler that we don’t want, they’d have more subscribers.” The article, originally in the Los Angeles Times, is about corporate concerns over the growing number of people cutting cable TV, and even broadcast, and using online steaming and other Internet sources for their viewing entertainment. (We do, almost entirely, in our household.)

POT IMPAIRMENT A possibly significant decision out of the Idaho Court of Appeals on a case involving a man who had consumed marijuana – at some point fairly recently – and was arrested on DUI, charged with under the influence of pot. His erratic driving doesn’t seem to be at issue, but the cause of it was: He said that he has paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar disorder (sounds like a great guy to get out on the road in the first place), and there was no evidence he had ingested the pot recently, as in the last day or two. The pot-longevity question may be of some significance in places like Washington state, which are in the process of reviewing a number of laws in that area.

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