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First take: Intimidation


INTIMIDATION Seems here that it’s a crime to threaten or intimidate lawmakers. In any event, a light needs to be trained on this, as the Oregonian‘s Steve Duin does in his column today: Gun advocates going a little over the line against legislators with whom they have a difference of opinion on gun regulation. Among other examples Duin cites are several aimed just at one lawmakers, Mitch Greenlick, a Portland Democrat. One describes him “as a “disgusting jew parasite.” Another features, in two compact paragraphs, three anti-Semitic slurs and five of the seven words George Carlin once claimed you could never say on television. A third warns Greenlick, “You have made a grave error” in sponsoring House Bill 3200, and suggests he withdraw his support: “Good choices are the foundation for long and healthy life.””

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