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First take: Tax hikes, university presidency


TAX RESTRICTIONS The big governmental news story of the week, the Washington Supreme Court’s overturning of an initiative requiring a two-thirds vote of each legislative chamber to pass tax or fee increases, may have long-term effects. But it likely will have only marginal effects for the time being. Half of the Washington legislature effectively is in Republican hands, and tax increases are a no-starter there, for this term at least. At the same time, expect plans for a two-thirds-based constitutional amendment to be, similarly, a no-starter.

NELLIS HEADING TO TEXAS University of Idaho President Duane Nellis apparently has been all but formally chosen for a university presidency in Texas. Nellis has been at UI for about four years. So: How high will be the proposed salary to be dangled at the next president, with the idea of ensuring long-term loyalty and stability?

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