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No, it’s not in Spain

Stuff like this gets so strange you’d say, in the turn of phrase, you couldn’t make it up. Except that someone, somewhere has.

This instance: The start of a rumor that President Obama has contracted with a company in Spain to count American votes there.

Where does this come from? It’s so far from planet earth as to almost, but not quite, defy imagination.

The federal government doesn’t count votes: Local entities, mainly counties, do. States over see. The feds may get involved in allegations of corruption, but that would be after the fact.

There is an amusing sidelight to this in Idaho, though. There, Secretary of State Ben Ysursa, asked about it by a reporter: “I just chuckled and said, ‘Well, the Basques have been counting ’em for years — ever since Pete came in.'” A reference of course to the fact that Ysursa and his predecessor Pete Cenarrusa, who between them have held the secretary of state’s office (which oversees but does not conduct elections) since 1967.

All you can do is laugh it off.

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