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Where the jobs are

The Puget Sound Business Journal lists in its new edition the largest employers in Washington state, and has put the top five on line. They’re worth a look.

The largest, at number one, is an employer which has tended to get more headlines in the last couple of decades for departures and scaledowns – Boeing. It may no longer be based at the Puget Sound, but it is much the largest employer in the state, employing about 82,000 people, more than twice as many as the next largest private employer, which is Microsoft.

The gap in next-largest businesses in the state after those two is, well, large.

Also worth noting: Three of the top five are not private organizations – businesses – at all. The second-largest is the Joint Base Lewis-McChord; third is the Navy Region Northwest (mainly in Kitsap County); and fifth is the University of Washington.

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