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Klamath too

While more of the county-budget-nightmare attention has been focused on the southwestern counties – Josephine, Coos, Jackson, Curry – there’s another fierce storm broiling to their east in Klamath County.

A rundown in the Sunday Herald and News calls it a “perfect storm,” and this one almost seems to fit the overused description.

Let’s see: We can start with the personnel issues, like sexual harassment claims against a former treasurer; accusation of a former assessor that he sent e-mails variously racist and including porn; a state review of the mental health agency (and resignation of its head). Three legal actions by whistleblowers. The end of federal timber payments (which is what’s bedeviling the counties to the west). And a review by the state finding the county’s bookkeeping in a “general state of disarray.”

Time, maybe, for some soul-searching – not least on the part of the voters.

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