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Posts published in “Day: June 2, 2012”

Burner v. Koster?

The first poll is out for the ever-fascinating Washington District 1 contest, with a whole cadre of presumably strong Democratic contenders and just one major Republican, John Koster.

Most of these Democrats are well-financed and have run major races before, are comparably well known, have decent campaigning skills and they're not (evidently) terribly far apart on issues. That has made th business of trying to figure out a front runner a complex matter.

No longer.

The poll shows two-time District 8 Democratic nominee Darcy Burner ahead whether you measure all likely voters (19%) or just Democrats (45%). Next, but well behind, two other veterans of major-office races: Laura Ruderman (6%/13%) and Suzan DelBene (4%/11%).

In the top two runoff, then, if this poll is accurately reflective of the landscape, looks like it's Koster v. Burner.

The poll (KING5/SurveyUSA) also tested several of the Democrats against Koster. Koster led all of them, but Burner at nine points behind (48%-39%) came closer than any of the others. (A presumption: Those numbers tighten post-primary, a typical development in campaign cycles.)

The race begins to take more shape.