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Posts published in “Day: November 15, 2011”

Stop sign on red light cams?

One other development in last week's elections in the Northwest got little attention and should get more.

It arrived by way of initiative advocate Tim Eyman. From an email he sent out today:

As you can imagine, I-1125 rightly got the biggest spotlight, but it wasn't the only issue we had on the ballot. We had public votes on automatic ticketing cameras in 3 cities and voters overwhelmingly rejected cameras in all three. 68% against cameras in Bellingham, 68% against cameras in Monroe, and 59% against cameras in Longview. Those overwhelming votes follow last year's 71% anti-camera vote in my hometown of Mukilteo.

So we're now in our 2nd year of battling against sleazy red-light camera companies. What makes them especially sleazy is that they use high-priced lawyers and liberal judges to do everything possible to block the people from voting. For them, democracy is bad for business.