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Watch 3: Verner out in Spokane

The guess here is that three months ago, Spokane Mayor Mary Verner would have won a second term – but then, campaigns are often won an lost in the final few weeks. And that, as we suggested a few days ago might happen here, did happen. Verner did not become suddenly unpopular, but the campaign around her opponent, David Condon, really seemed to coalesce.

Condon won the backing of the local Republican organization (though this is a non-partisan seat – but in so many cases around the Northwest, in all sorts of cities, who are we kidding?) and the Spokesman-Review, and pulled in big contributions toward the end. There were allegations of what sound like push polling. In the last week, maybe two, this outcome – a close one, with Condon pulling ahead at the end – isn’t a surprise.

How much it may indicate beyond city hall, say in next year’s legislative races, is less clear. But then, we might draw better clues from the District 4 Senate election (which see).

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