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Bank Transfer Day, for this official

Quite a few elected officials have joined in with the Occupy movement, if only to say that they sympathize with its concerns. On the National Bank Transfer Day, in which depositors are asked to move their funds from large national banks to locals or credit unions, fewer have been willing to go very public.

Here’s one: Seattle Council member Mike O’Brien, who made a media event of his deposit into the Verity Credit Union Wallingford branch. From his statement:

Councilmember Mike O’Brien and his family will participate in National Bank Transfer Day and he encourages other city residents to do the same. The O’Brien family joins more than 650,000 Americans in transferring their bank accounts to local banks or credit unions.

Said Councilmember O’Brien about National Bank Transfer Day: “I got sick of all the fees and hassle of the big banks, making life difficult for customers while reaping record profits. My family and I are excited to be members of a credit union founded here in Washington. I believe City Council should also take a look at where the City puts its money and makes its investments. Hopefully, the resolution we are introducing on Monday will help start that conversation.”

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