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Posts published in “Day: October 25, 2011”

No regular session?

Some talk about Washington Republicans that there's no need for a 2012 legislative session. And you can almost imagine some Democrats pausing a moment and thinking, hmm ...

From an email release out Monday:

Washington State House Republicans are urging lawmakers to come prepared to go to work quickly when they convene for a special session on November 28. Rep. Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis, today said the only two pressing issues the Legislature needs to address this year is adopting a sustainable supplemental budget and reforms that will get Washington working again. And while these are big challenges, DeBolt said if the Legislature can tackle those two objectives during the 30-day special session, it could adjourn for the year and forego the 2012 60-day regular session. He noted the Legislature would save taxpayers more than $2 million by skipping the regular session.
“The last thing Washington citizens need is for 98 lawmakers to come back to Olympia in January for a 60-day regular session and consider bills that end up costing taxpayers money we simply don’t have,” said DeBolt. “If we come to town and get our work done in December, there is no compelling reason to come back a few weeks later.”
The Legislature is scheduled to convene on Nov. 28 to correct a nearly $2 billion state budget shortfall and when it does House Republicans will be advocating for a package of bills aimed at getting Washingtonians working again.

There may be some temptation along these lines for Governor Chris Gregoire. You can imagine her thinking: Wouldn't it be such a nice several months if they weren't here ...