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Posts published in “Day: September 11, 2011”


Oregon's allowance of early candidate filing allows for some really early warnings of campaign strangeness to come. The first two days of filing, on Thursday and Friday, were enough to provide one.

Most of the filings (and remember this is the opening of filing - the deadline is many months away) were by incumbent legislators, with a smattering of judges and district attorneys. Just one for Congress, so far. But what a filing it is.

Remember Art Robinson, the Republican candidate for District 4 - against Democratic incumbent Peter DeFazio, from 2010? Well, he's back for another go-round in 2012.

He gave bloggers and others much to work with in 2010. We reported on him on several occasions (on notable quotes, on education views and a good deal else. His interview - if you can call it that - with Rachel Maddow on MSNBC was something of a classic.

And this time he's getting an early start.